River Valley Loans Review

River Valley Loans Review

Installment loans up to $3,000 for even if you have bad credit, with this tribal lender. 

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A tribal lender offering installment loans up to $3,000 for eligible borrowers, but may come with triple-digit interest rates.

  • Best for: Best for people with not-so-great credit that need quick cash but can pay back early.
  • What to watch out for: Watch out for the interest rates that can go into the triple digits and add thousands onto the original balance.
Table of Contents
    • Fair and bad credit accepted
    • Welfare accepted with other source of income
    • Past bankruptcies accepted
    • No early payoff fees
    • APRs in the triple digits
    • Multiple fees including origination and late fee
    • They don’t report to credit bureaus
    • Not available in all states

    River Valley Loans features

    River Valley Loans is a tribal lender offering installment loans for borrowers with a range of credit scores. The main features include:

    • Loan amount – $200 to $3,000
    • Loan term – Pay back bi-weekly – length varies by loan amount from 10 to 18 months
    • APR – Roughly 200% up to 675%
    • Fees – Yes, multiple
    • Which states they’re available in – All states except Arkansas, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia.

    Product details

    • Credit score range for approval – 300 to 850
    • Turnaround time – In as little as one business day for approval after 2 p.m., same-day funding for approvals before 2 p.m. 
    • Requirements – You must be 18 years old, have an active checking account, have no current or pending bankruptcy case, and be able to supply income proof and contact information
    • Income and job status’ accepted – Past bankruptcies accepted, have to show proof of employment, welfare recipients without any other income source are not accepted 
    • Loan security – Unsecured 
    • Fees – $20 late fee for a payment 5 days late, $30 insufficient funds/returned payment  fee, origination fee

    What are the benefits of River Valley Loans?

    There are a few benefits that come with getting a loan from this tribal lender. The main benefits include but are not limited to:

    • Offers same-day funding
    • Varying loan amounts available 
    • Caters to broad credit score ranges

    What to watch out for

    However, as with any lender, there are drawbacks to consider before you take out a loan, and they include: 

    • Doesn’t report to credit bureaus meaning any on-time payments won’t improve your credit score
    • Average APR for the first loan is triple digits 
    • Assigns many fees

    Is River Valley Loans legit? 

    Yes, this is a legit, licensed tribal lender. They’re designed to be a short-term lending option, and they even encourage borrowers to pay back any loans they take out as quickly as possible to avoid the high interest rates. Although they have a 4.8/5 stars on TrustPilot, a little digging shows negative reviews all talking about the APR. 

    A quick search on Reddit showed more of the same types of reviews with users urging other Redditors to think about taking out a loan from this company due to the incredibly high interest rates. They included a screen shot of the loan’s terms, highlighting the interest rate. 

    Am I eligible?

    River Valley Loans makes it relatively straightforward and easy to be eligible for one of their installment loans, and you’ll need: 

    • 18 years old or older
    • Live in one of the states they operate in
    • Show residence proof (driver’s license, state-issued ID, passport)
    • Have an active checking account
    • Have proof of employment and income (bank statements or check stubs)
    • Have valid contact information 
    • No pending or current bankruptcy cases 
    • Not be active military or a dependent of an active member

    How do I apply for a loan with River Valley Loans?

    You have to apply online for your loan through River Valley Loans, but they make the process easy. Once you go their website and click “apply,” you’ll input: 

    1. Identifying Information
      1. First and last name
      2. Cell phone
      3. Loan amount
      4. Address
      5. Active military? Y/N
    2. Income information
      1. Income type (employed, retirement, disabled)
      2. Job title
      3. How often you get paid
      4. Employer name and hire date 
      5. When your last and next payday is
      6. Payroll type (direct deposit or check)
      7. Monthly take home pay
      8. Employer contact information 
    3. Verify your identity
      1. Input your driver’s license or state ID number
      2. Birthday
      3. Social security number
      4. Banking information  
      5. Agree to the terms
      6. Submit

    What documents do I need to apply?

    You’ll need to submit a few documents to prove who you are, your address, and your income levels, including:

    • State ID, driver’s license, or passport
    • Check stubs or income proof (disability or retirement benefit proof)
    • Utility bills or mortgage to prove your address

    What are other loans like River Valley Loans? 

    If you’re not sold on applying for River Valley Loans, there are other options available for you, and they include:

    • Opploans – Online lender that offers several different loans up to $4,000 without a hard credit check and fast funding. 
    • Creditninja – This option has installment and payday loans with funding amounts of $5,000 and lower with a fast application process. 
    • Badcreditloans.com – Offering a marketplace where you complete one application and choose from multiple lenders, this option is viable for people with bad credit.

    What are other tribal lenders like River Valley Loans? 

    There are other tribal lenders you can try to get a loan from if you don’t think this option is the best fit, and a few include:

    • Fineday funds – With no early repayment penalties and installment loans up to $1,500, this lender helps you build your credit score. 
    • Uprova – This tribal lender has installment loans up to $5,000 that you can get in as little as 30 minutes, 7 days a week. 
    • Minto Money – Borrowers with bad credit may benefit from taking an installment loan up to $3,000 from this lender.


    With the controversy floating around with this lender and the fact that they don’t disclose APRs upfront, it’s common to have questions. A few frequently asked questions include:

    Is there a prepayment penalty?

    No. In fact, the lender encourages you to pay the loan back as quickly as possible to avoid interest. 

    Do River Valley Loans follow federal laws and regulations?

    No. Since this is a licensed Tribal lender, they follow Tribal law and the Tribe’s Tribal Consumer Financial Services Regulatory Code.

    How do you repay your loan?

    The company withdraws Automatic Withdraw (ACH) from your checking account on the payment due date or on the next business day.

    Can you cancel the loan without a penalty?

    Yes, you can cancel the loan, penalty-free, as long as you do so by 5 p.m. up to two business days immediately after Rivery Valley Loans disburses your loan into your account.

    River Valley Loans

    Loans: $200 - $3,000

    APR: potentially up to 700%

    Credit score: Any credit accepted

    Application simplicity
    User experience
    Customer Service
    2.8 Overall Rating

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